PML Future Bass Remix from Start to Finish in FL Studio Full Course + UFB Sample Pack

PML Future Bass Remix from Start to Finish in FL Studio Full Course + UFB Sample Pack
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PML Future Bass Remix from Start to Finish in FL Studio Full Course + UFB Sample Pack

In this course you will learn how to produce hard hitting Future Bass track & learn how to make Remixes!

Your tutor Nervz gives you an exclusive look into his production process, shares his tips, tricks and project files and guides you from your first kick to a mastered Future Bass track as if you were sitting side by side in the studio.

What exactly are you getting?

✓ 4+ h Full Start to Finish Course in 4k

✓ 34+ in depth sessions from the first sketch to a finished master

✓ FL Studio Project Files & Samples included

Start to Finish
Learn all steps to produce a Future Bass banger – from an empty project file to a finished master. We explain everything in detail as if we are sitting next to you. You will know exactly what to do to achieve outstanding tracks!

Production LEVEL UP
Future Bass is all about hard-hitting drums, catchy vocal chops & FULL mixes. You will learn how to layer chords, process drums, and even find remix stems & stay creative in the studio! We share everything we wished we knew.

Top-Chart-Ready Quality
After this class you will know how to emphasise your low end without blowing your speakers, how to add depth and atmosphere and how to process remix vocals to sit right in the mix. Your track will be ready for the Top Chart!

Sample Selection is the key for amazing tracks.
That’s why we present to you our Ultimate Future Bass pack.
In development for over a year, hand crafted & collected only out of the best samples from our own libraries.

We know that in the studio every second matters. Searching for this one perfect kick drum, or snare drum that slaps can take even several minutes.
We value our and your creativity and that’s why we made this pack which is now our Go-To pack for Future & Bass genres.

What exactly are you getting?

✓ 400+ HQ Files

✓ 40+ MIDI Song starters

✓ 100% Royalty FREE

Here’s what you get:
230+ One Shot Samples
Kicks: 31
Snares: 25
Claps: 22
Hats: 41
Crashes 20:
Rides: 24
Toms: 21
Perucssion: 27
80+ Loops & Midis
Full Loops: 15
Top Loops: 13
Kick & Snare: 12
MIDI Song Starters: 40
70+ Effects & Enhancers
Sweeps & FXs: 25
Vocal Atmospheres: 27
Enhancers & Misc: 35

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